Nankai, China — Abrasives are materials or minerals used for finishing and polishing surfaces like wood or metals. Generally, these materials are used to provide the finishing touches to the products prior to working on the external design of the surfaces. Since its inception in 2007, Dragon Abrasives Group has focused on becoming the leading distributor within the country while driving towards maximizing customer satisfaction. The Company offers a large product portfolio, which includes bonded materials, non-woven, coated, and super abrasive products, fiberglass , and sandblasting products.

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Within these product categories, the supplier provides brown, pink, black, white aluminum oxide, green and black silicon carbide, and single and microcrystal aluminum oxide. The bonded materials include center depressed wheels, grinding wheels, cutting wheels, mounted points, sharpening stones among others. The coated products include different kinds of cloth, velour backed discs, sanding screen, plastic discs, and sponge blocks. Under the non-woven product portfolio, the Company supplies flap discs, convolute wheels, sheets, drums, and belts. Man-made diamond and cubic boron nitride grit and powder are available under the super abrasive range. The tools include mounted points, flexible diamond pads; diamond saw blade, and other such products. Various kinds of equipment for abrasives include sheet cutting bench, grinding wheels, dynamometer, furnace, and strength testing machines.

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These products are also widely applied as sharpening agents because of its properties to restore sharpness of various cutting tools. Tools like knives, razors, scissors, and chisels are generally sharpened using the process of abrasion. Abrasives are also widely applied during the final stages for polishing and buffing. The aluminum oxide products are commonly applied on tough metallic surfaces. On the other hand, silicon carbide is used for brittle substances like cemented carbide. Another application of these products is for the drilling and cutting holes process under which the abrasive material is applied on the rotating cutters of machines. This enables the person to drill holes smoothly without causing damage to the edges of these holes.

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The Company also supplies fiberglass backing and mesh cloth that are applicable in different industries. Another product line offered by this supplier includes sandblasting media products, which are generally used to prepare different kinds of surfaces for painting. The popularity of these products has primarily increased because of the health hazards that are associated with sand. The dust resulting through this procedure has been proven to accumulate on the lungs leading to diseases like silicosis.

Customers who want to acquire any one or more of these products can easily avail all information related to these through the official website, . The site provides complete details, such as product specifications, applications, and benefits of the various products supplied by the Company. Alternatively, customers can use the contact page to send an inquiry that will be replied in a short period of time. The Company employs friendly and knowledgeable customer service executives to ensure potential clients are able to procure the information that is needed by them. Moreover, customers can be one hundred percent assured of receiving the highest quality of sandblasting , fiberglass, and abrasive materials.

About Dragon Abrasives Group

Established in 2007, the Company is one of the leading distributors of abrasives, sandblasting, and fiberglass products in China. The site provides all information related to its vast number of product categories. Customers can use the contact page to either call or send an email inquiry for any requirement they may have.

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