Costa Mesa, CA; 02, October 2015: Leading women’s only addiction rehab facility New Directions for Women has announced that their new outpatient office on Costa Mesa's Red Hill Avenue has become a "hub of recovery," taking the New Directions community to a place which they have longed to go for the last six years. The new outpatient office is allowing New Directions to significantly expand their highly popular Evening Intensive Outpatient Addiction recovery program, and they have also added a new daytime Outpatient Program. A Partial Day Program will also begin sometime during 2015 in the new space, which has been described as "fantastic."

The new outpatient office was designed from the ground up for outpatient addiction therapy. It features two large rooms for group therapy, a number of rooms for individual therapy, and plenty of details designed to be conducive to the healing process.

"It's very exciting," according to New Directions CEO Becky Flood. The new space allows New Directions to provide a degree of continuity of care which was previously unreachable, allowing women to transition into lower care levels using a structured approach while they integrate back into their community.

The full care continuum starts with a detox (medical detox if necessary) and residential treatment, which is the most intensive. After patients complete residential treatment they drop down to a partial day treatment program to help manage recovery, followed by the intensive outpatient program, a sober living facility, and then finally aftercare treatment.

Since patients are able to enter the New Directions system at any point, they do not necessarily need every treatment level. Depending on the patient's state they may need the full continuum or they may be able to begin at an outpatient care level.

Based on their willingness to take clinical recommendations and their willingness to participate, as well as clinical necessity, patients can in fact go both directions: they can go up to higher care levels or down to lower care levels. New Directions believes that any time spent in treatment is always better than none at all, so they're happy to offer every possible tool for obtaining and sustaining lifelong recovery.

The New Directions outpatient office has also begun reaching out to the local community to support area residents. It now hosts a mindfulness meditation group as well as Overeaters Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings. There are even plans for a Buddhist recovery meeting, and it has seen a number of community and alumnae events.

The goal for the new office is to help New Directions become more part of the Costa Mesa community fabric so that anyone who needs a way to get into recovery or who needs help supporting their recovery feels they're in an open place to which they can go.

About New Directions for Women:

New Directions was founded in 1977 when their founders asked the Newport Beach Junior League to help support their vision of a tranquil facility which would be able to treat women with substance use disorder and do it with respect and dignity.

New Directions takes a holistic approach, which means that while they are based in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous they go well beyond this program to treat addiction on all levels as a physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and family disease. They have admissions counselors available 24/7 to take calls and answer any questions people may have about getting help for their problems.

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