London-based clinical research specialist MeDiNova has opened a third dedicated research centre in the capital in order to meet increased demand for its services.

The agency — one of the top five in the UK — has opened the East London Clinical Studies Centre, at Blackburn House in Eastern Road, Romford.

The new centre will allow MeDiNova to increase its intake of volunteers, particularly from across the East London and Greater London areas. It will also allow MeDiNova to conduct health screening for common conditions such as diabetes and respiratory problems and to provide more regular monitoring for a range of other conditions.

Established in 1997 and at the very forefront of pioneering developments within the clinical trials industry MeDiNova also operates the North London Clinical Studies Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood and the South London Clinical Studies Centre at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup. The group also operates the Madrid Clinical Studies Centre in the Spanish capital.

Kumar Muthalagappan, Chief Executive of MeDiNova, said the new centre will potentially allow MeDiNova to extend its reach to thousands more people across East and Greater London.

He said: “Since it was founded in 1997 MeDiNova has continued to grow and is now widely recognised as one of the top handful of clinical researchers in the UK.

“Our aim is to deliver quality clinical trials data on time. In order to do so we work with many health professionals and volunteers across our catchment area.

“As with our other two sites, the East London Clinical Studies Centre is strategically located in an area of high population density so we are able to deliver effective results on time and, together with our volunteers, really help make a difference in shaping advances in future treatments.”

Staffed by a 40-strong team of professional research investigators, including fully qualified doctors and nurses as well as admin staff, MeDiNova works closely with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, CROs and biotech companies.

In the London area MeDiNova has scanned more than 12,000 people for osteoporosis over the past two years, using its DXA scanner, which measures bone mineral density.

Mr Muthalagappan added: “The opening of our Romford clinic is part of our long-term plan to allow MeDiNova to continue progressing by increasing our resources and building on our achievements to date.

“Already we are able to conduct trials in no less than 45 areas. Over time our three sites will allow us to continue building on this offering and to reach out to potentially thousands more residents across a far wider catchment area who will be able to benefit from screening for a range of conditions including Osteoporosis, Diabetes and COPD.”

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