August 24, 2015, New Delhi, India- Paisa Talks is India’s leading open online platform and a fee-based financial advisement firm that has been designed to share knowledge and expertise to investors. It is offering people with a unique opportunity to benefit from the best investment options available in India through their expert financial advisory services.

When it comes to selecting a financial advisor in India, most of the individuals prefer taking advice from free or uncertified financial planners because the current trend is not in favor of fee based advisors. The irony is that, these individuals want to make best investment decisions, but take advice from a non expert who can put their investment under a lot of risk. However, such is not the case with other countries, where investors prefer only to hire expert financial planners who despite charging a fee suggest the best investment options available.

It’s high time that Indians should think about it and show more confidence in hiring an expert who can help them make smart decisions while making an investment. One of such reputed firms is the, the web’s most trusted fee-based financial advisor that has helped several individuals from India make life-changing investments and savings. As a company they very well understand the impacts of taxation, investment approaches and the right way build a financial legacy for the next generation.

Specializing in range of topics, including long-term/short-term financial planning, suitable savings outlets, and preparing for retirement income, can offer expert financial planning services that have proven to beneficial for a lot of investors.

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