The initially stages when mobile phones were introduced, the batteries reportedly survived even up to a week. The introduction of the smart phones has changed this, given the wide range of capabilities that it comes in. Leading developers in the industry are trying hard to come up with ways to make the batteries last longer through different hardwire development techniques.

While the developers are still straining their brains over this, a leading web site called simonly has come up with different ways to make sure that the batteries last for a longer period of time. With the right technique, it can last through their hardware development techniques. It has been estimated that smart phone users can actually enjoy a longer battery life simply by turning off  their vibration. It is important to turn this off when users are in places where it actually does not matter if they use the ringtone or any other mode. This is because of the simple fact that vibrations use more power than ringtones. Additionally, users can also dim their phone screen to reduce the consumption of power. With a bright screen, the battery will be zapped every time the individual checks it for messages or emails. One way to do this is to choose the auto-brightness setting. This actually enables the phone to adjust the level of brightness to optimal. This setting enables the person to use the phone as well as save up on the battery.

A minimal time for the screen timeout has done wonders in keeping the consumption of power to a minimum. It is said that most of the people simply do not lock their phone after they are done using it. While it is already well known that turning on the phone consumes more power than simply unlocking it, one can save more power by keeping it off for a few hours.
The Simonly is a leading web site that is dedicated to offering helpful tips to users so that they will be able to save their phone batteries. It is currently one of the most trusted web sites.



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