YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, July 6 — In Anna Michael Krista’s new bestseller Christ Is Not A Christian: How to Embody Anna and Michael Christ published by Transformation Books, readers will meet Anna and Michael Christ, our Creator parents who are intervening to avert a planetary crisis. When fully embodied, readers will be able to co-create new inventions and help implement them via new ways of living as sisters and brothers.

Anna and Michael Christ, also known as I AM, will invite, encourage, and love anyone all the way through, but full embodiment is determined by the readers’ choices. It is all up to the individual to co-create a future with them that can save our planet. By embodying their Divine wizardry, many people working together can co-create the vast array of technical, agricultural, educational and monetary strategies that can turn this planet's severe problems into treasures.

Love like a new puppy is the essential instruction for the full spiritual embodiment that Anna Michael Krista helps readers to achieve, no matter how imperfect they are. Being willing to learn by making mistakes runs a close second!

"Over the years having worked with clients from across the globe, I have found that it is not uncommon for many people to have similar experiences that are expressed in this book; what is rare, is for people to be brave enough to come forward and speak the truth of their experience. Anna Michael Krista is a woman who walks her talk ... Respect!"
~ Colette Stefan

Anna Michael Krista pioneered this uncharted path the hard way, so that readers don't have to. She turns the mesmerizing stories of courage and love in her arduous and adventurous spiritual journey into specific instructions that readers can use to radically upgrade communication with I AM faster, simpler and with a lot more fun.

Just reading this book has been described as an evolution of consciousness.
Anna Michael’s new bestseller, Christ Is Not A Christian: How to Embody Anna and Michael Christ is available on Amazon.com.
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