Starting from a traditional Mexican alcoholic beverage, margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Once you try it, you cannot stop from repeatedly wanting to try it. The good news is that there are tens of variations of the original margarita recipe. The only problem would be to make up your mind and taste a few of them. Can special online articles help you or is it better to look for online cocktail videos?


First of all, making this Mexican drink by the book requires a combination of 7 parts tequila, 4 parts cointreau and 3 parts lime juice. The way you decide to decor the glass is your choice. The traditional version however involves a special cocktail glass garnished with lime juice on its rim and a few sprinkles of salt to stick with the lime.


Variations however may include, instead of cointreau, triple sec, grand marnier or blue curacao. These recipes also support adding fruits or fruit juices, which consequently will require to reduce the liqueur.


Moreover, you would be surprised to discover how many cocktail versions can result from one margarita recipe, when using different types of lime juice. Mandatory freshly squeezed, the lime juice is a major ingredient. Nevertheless, there are Persian limes, Mexican or Key limes and even lemons that can be used instead of lime. Each of them will give you a completely different perspective of your favorite drink.


Now would it help you to read thoroughly the IBA instructions in terms of cocktails or perhaps the tens of how to articles available throughout the web? On the other hand, it would be much easier to watch online cocktail videos? One could explain you up to the latest detail how to make a frozen mango margarita, a whole citrus, pomegranate, lavender, frozen cucumber margarita and many more. But getting to watch someone who is prepping it in front of you makes you feel more confident.


Moreover, we are programmed to have a better visual memory, so once we see things done, we can repeat them. Not everyone has the necessary fantasy to picture every step of the process while reading a recipe, which is why some stages may be overlooked. If you are still not sure, give it a test. Choose two different recipes, one written and one filmed. Follow the instructions and see which one you found easier to put into practice.


As a last argument in favor of sniffing around for as many cocktail videos as possible, we shall state that those who film such videos are regularly people involved in the industry of alcoholic beverages. Consequently, they will do their best to promote their image of professionals, offering you not just the standard recipe, but many other tips and tricks, advices on the best ingredients and utensils, plus a live demo on how to move your hands, shake, stir, and so on. What else could you possibly wish?



Have you found a margarita recipe to please you? Take a look at some related cocktail videos and see what secrets can you steel from there!