May 18, 2013: It is now easier for businesses and causes to reach out to their markets through outdoor message centers and programmable signs specially offered by LED Display Signs Inc. 

The message outdoor signs and displays offered by the company are all tested for quality and programming. Clients can also take advantage of a 2-year warranty on their stock models, 3-year warranty on their made-to-order display, and 5-year warranty on their outdoor message displays. 

The company offers varied Made to Order sizes in full color, tri color and single color types, all genuinely made in the USA and tested for UL to make certain that the products are of best quality. Customers can choose from the company’s comprehensive options of outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor message displays. 

LED Display Signs Inc’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services for their customers that includes assistance for choosing the right products according to the preferences and needs of the client. 

For instance, the company advises customers that Indoor LED displays may not have enough brightness for outdoor and window use. Clients who need to use LED outdoor signs must make certain that it is intended for outdoor or window use that is still visible even in broad daylight. 

LED Display Signs Inc also offers programmable LED signs to perform varied attention-grabbing actions such as scrolling displays. Customers can create their own messages using your personal computer or through a programming IR remote. All models are compatible with Windows software. 

Those shopping for programmable signs must be aware that the company’s larger custom made outdoor signs need added time for delivery. The more important thing is that clients can take advantage of great signs at a great price, which is a great investment for any kind of business. 

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