China - LED panel light from is one kind of high-grade indoor room lighting products. The outer frame of the LED panel light was usually made from anodized aluminum and the light source is LED. The entire lighting products design of their products are beautiful, simple and with luxurious atmosphere and good lighting effect. The unique design of led high bay lets the light go through the plate with high transmittance and then forming a homogeneous plane glow with illumination uniformity which will give people comfortable feeling. It has been said that the LED panel light can relieve eye fatigue. Since the LED panel lights have such good advantages, so most of people will prefer to install this product in their inner room decoration. In that case, where and how could people better install the LED panel lights? Now, let the editor from famous LED lights supplier tell people how to install it.

First, the LED panel lights can be generally mounted on ceilings, walls and surface of the installing objects.

Second, the LED panel lights can be hung below the ceiling or mounted on the under surface of the body. When people mounted the led high bay lights on the white ceiling, the entire ceiling will be reflected on the same color and let the inner room become very beautiful, clean and coordination.

LED panel lights use the wideband voltage design which is AC85-240V and 50-60Hz so this lighting device can be used by many countries in the world. The high-power LED lighting products apply the isolated power supply, constant current or constant voltage drive which could let this product have high power efficiency, high cleaning level of power, stable performance, safe and reliable.

The working principle of LED panel lights is similar with the LCD TV backlight technology, which light is soft and the appearance of this product is very beautiful. So, this product has been widely favored by European and American businessmen and there are a large number of foreign investors want to invest the merchandise of this LED products. The high quality LED panel lights supplier such as should be their main target.

It has been seem that the LED panel lights are only just the simple lighting models but because of its high market positioning customers have very high requirement for this product. Plus with this product itself comes to many aspects such as materials, thermal, optical, structural, hardware, electronics and other fields, the normally company does not have the ability to establish the complete development team and have enough experience in the development and subsequent supply chain management capabilities for this products. That is to say this LED panel lights could only be products by the companies with good strength.


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