Las Vegas, NV, July 02, 2015 — Legend De La Rosa has been in development by Sandra for half a year.  Legend De La Rosa is both an action and intellectual game. Players will need to find clues while uncovering secret locations, powers and learning who you can and cannot trust.

The Back story:
Legend De La Rosa is a story about 3 characters - Ann, Lucca and Layla. All who have faced adversity and need to discover who they are while being labeled "bad" or "good" or even evil. The story begins with Ann and uncovering her secrets. Is she good? Bad? Down the middle? All unfolds in level one. They all carry their own sense of truth, justice and revenge. You will be able to play as all 3 characters.

“The story is rich and I am positive players will enjoy the interactive storyline. I really want her to have a chance, I want her to be happy and see that good things happen to good people,” says Ira Gerber. “We are trying to raise donations. Everything counts even $1 is greatly appreciated.”

This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the fund goal, then the Legend De La Rosa project cannot move forward. So know a donation of any amount counts! Share this with other action game lovers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to know how they can help bring this amazing game to the world!

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About Developer
After a series of unfortunate events, being the strong willed person she is, Sandra decided to use the past 9 months of her time for something useful, she taught herself Unity 3D, Blender, HTML and C#. She has been working for the last 7 months on Legend De La Rosa, but now she needs the support of backers from around the world to complete the project.

Sandra is a born New Yorker raised in Brooklyn. She has published 4 games for IOS and Android. She describes Legend De La Rosa as “The big one for me, It's the one I’m putting my heart and soul into”. She hopes to get support from backers from all over the world.

Kindly head over to her  Kickstarter campaign and show your support for this project:

Media Contact
Sandra Gerber, Indie Developer
Twitter account  - @Coqui_Studios
Email: [email protected]