Best web-based RPG Game Legend Knight: The Cool and Power Equip For you 

Introduction to the Legend Knight Equipment System 

The Equipment System will be unlocked at Lvl.20. 


1. Click the Equip icon. 

Legend Knight

2. Open the column and equip your Character and your Heroes with your best equipment to boost their Stats.

Legend Knight


1. Click the Enchant icon to enchant your equipment consuming Gold. Each Enchantment will increase the cooldown for 5 min. Once you reach a limit of 30 min, you won’t be able to keep Enchanting. You can use Balens or Bound Balens to accelerate the cooldown, and VIP4 players will not suffer any cooldowns.

Legend Knight


Legend Knight

Legend Knight [Upgrade] 

1. Collect the required materials to upgrade your equipment and get a huge Stat boost. The level of the equipment will be inherited after upgrading. (Note: Equipment Upgrading is unlocked at Lvl.40)

Legend Knight

Sources of the materials for upgrading: Hero Trial, Wheel of Fortune, Crypt, Exchange Shop 


1. After being Synthesized, your equipment will get a massive Stat boost and their lvl will beinherited. You can synthesize theequipment after upgrading them, but thesynthesizing effect will not be inherited. (You will get better Stats Boost from upgrading the equipment first.) [Equipment Synthesizing is unlocked at Lvl.40]

Legend Knight

Legend Knight Sources of the materials for Synthesizing: Hero Trial, Wheel of Fortune, Crypt

Legend Knight

Legend Knight Tips: 

1. Collect all the different parts of the same Equipment Set to get an amazing Buff! 

2. Enchanting is a great way to boost your Battle Rating. 

3. Synthesizing will change the appearance of your equipment from purple to yellow. Remember, Synthesizing will consume a lot of materials, which means getting a huge Stats boost too. 

4. The Level of equipments are divided into lvl 20, lvl 40, lvl 60, lvl 80 and lvl 100. Absolutely the higher level equipments are better. And the players can upgrade them with specified materials. There are also a set of Chaos Infernal equipments which are lvl 30 equipments but stronger than lvl 40 and lvl 60 equipments. If you have a chance to claim them, please cherish this opportunity. They will be the best partner at the early stage of the game.

Legend Knight

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