Orlando Florida — Dogs love treats. One of those treats that they really love would be Chicken Jerky Treats . For many pet owners, it is important that they choose the right kind of treats that they feed to their pet dogs whom they consider a part of their family. However, only a few pet owners know that some dog treats out there might not be good for dogs because of how it is processed and the ingredients that were used in order to make it. One of those dog treats that veterinarians warn people against would be dog treats that contain gluten. Gluten is a kind of protein which is commonly found in processed food. It can be toxic to dogs as it may lead to various health problems later on.

In the United States, there was a total recall of dog treats which were found out to contain gluten. Many of these recalled dog treats came from overseas and the way it was produced are questionable. It is important that before buying any kind of dog food or dog treat, pet owners should always check the company background of the producer first. Aside from that, dog experts also recommend going for dog food and dog treats that are exclusively manufactured in the United States since there are laws governing the production of safe dog food and dog treats.

One of the most recommended dog treats today by many veterinarians would be Lena’s Pet Products’ Chicken Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs and Cats . It is made with 100% USA Grade A Chicken Breast and doesn’t contain additives or preservatives. It is low in fat and high in protein which makes it an ideal treat for both dogs and cats.

“Our dog is a cross of many breeds. She is also a creature of habit. Gourmet Chicken Jerky is one of the few treats that she accepted immediately and devoured. It is a healthy treat that reinforces her response to us. She will come when shown the Jerky. We highly recommend this product.” — Thomas F. Lang, Dog Owner

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Lena’s Pet Products is one of the best producers of high quality and highly effective supplements for various pets from dogs, cats to birds. They provide top notch products that contain that right amount of nutrients for your pets. Every product that they have has been made in the United States and is based on health and safety standards.

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