UK - With the hot selling of new generation of Adidas Samba 11Pro ADIPURE on famous cheap football boots online seller , the editor hope to be able to do some history recollect for the ADIPURE, pondering over five classic ADIPURE football boots. From 2007 to now, there are typically five generation of this Adidas football boots.

The first generation ADIPURE had been released in 2007 which was the achievement from many years¡¯ technology and design innovation of Adidas shoes. The appearance design of the first generation of this shoe is the combination of the two traditional series shoes which are Copa Mundial and World Cup. This combination had created one kind of classic style. The improved sole was more comfortable and durability.

In February of 2009, the Adidas had released the second generation of Adidas ADIPURE. This new type shoe had introduced a new design of wrap around style tongue and heel. The side appearance of this shoe had been decorated with classic ADIPURE II lines. Furthermore, the thick interior lining could closely fit the wearer's feet. From the evaluation of clients from the professional football boots online seller Sports Direct Boots, this generation of ADIPURE shoe should be the most praised one.

After seven months of the introduction of the second generation ADIPURE, Adidas has released Football Boots uk their third-generation product. The color of this shoe was the classical black and white color. Compared to the second generation, the third-generation ADIPURE had added the heel protruding out designation which would add better support and comfort feeling for football player. However, this version shoe had still ensured the continuation of the core concepts which is the best material, craft and design.

In December of 2010, the fourth generation ADIPURE had been released which was also the lightest generation of ADIPURE. Compared to the previous generation, this generation of shoe is only 280 grams for single one. In addition to the redesigned kangaroo leather fabrics, the most striking design changing for people should be the forward position of the Adidas three stripes which enhance the overall retro perception of the shoe.

The 11PRO which had been published in January 2012 should be the fifth generation of ADIRURE. This generation applied the most radical changes which included the introduction of miCoach recording technology and the revolutionized outsole of Sprintframe F50 series. The former kangaroo leather for this shoe had been replaced by the Taurus fabric. However, the 11Pro marked that the style of ADIPURE has deviated their original style farther and farther.

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