Many pieces of equipment can be found in gyms and homes, all of them having the purpose of helping people get in better shape, build muscle, and eliminate that extra weight. Those who want to invest more in their fitness training can choose to exercise their arms, shoulders, back, chest and abdomen by using a barbell.


This is a device that requires levypainot or weight plates to prove its effectiveness. These plates are located at the margins of the bar, being generally just two of them. If the person practicing weight lifting wants to increase the level of difficulty, he can add more plates. To prevent them from sliding off, practitioners need to secure the weights with collars.


Barbells are made from rigid materials, allowing people to lift light and also heavy weights. Plates are also made from resistant materials, out of which the most important one is cast iron. Besides cast iron weight plates or levypainot, the market also presents disc weights made of chrome or rubber.


Barbells, as well as disc weights, are manufactured according to some standards and have a certain size and weight. Fitness devices found in public gyms comply with these standards and national safety requirements, but some people prefer to work out at home. In this case, they are required to pay attention to the manufacturer of the plates that they want to purchase and to its reviews.


Starting to work out with disc weights could be challenging for people who have not entered a gym in a very long time. A barbell needs a high number of muscles to work at their maximum capacity, and this might not be possible in the case of a sedentary person. Therefore, to be able to lift the barbell and the weights attached to it, people are invited to try first a pull-up bar or leuanvetotanko.


This is a piece of fitness equipment that is mounted on a wall, and that helps people, regardless of their age, exercise their arm muscles. By using a pull-up bar or leuanvetotanko prior to starting to use a barbell, people would get in better shape and increase their strength and resistance to effort.


Pull-up bars can be found in gyms and homes as well, being a very popular fitness device. First of all, it does not need much space. Secondly, it can be very easily mounted. And thirdly, it is easy to clean and maintain, having a very long life, if carefully cared for. Pull-up bars are very good for building arm strength and pave the way for exercises involving barbells and weight plates.

Want to improve your upper-body muscles? Start by using a pull-up bar or leuanvetotanko, exercise your arms, shoulders and elbows by combining pulling motions, and then switch to a barbell that will give you the chance to gradually increase the difficulty of lifting the bar by using heavier and heavier weight plates or levypainot. Find everything you need at our online shop. We have a variety of fitness devices waiting for you.