Numerous people that have a Lexmark printer would just use Lexmark printer cartridges. This could be for any reason however mainly because the OEM ink is the best quality available for their printer. Printer cartridges are not cheap however and many people opt to look around rather than simply purchase them from the first available dealer. Lexmark's items are sold in more than 170 nations providing both business as well as personal users with the printing and imaging solutions they need. Another big feature that Lexmark provides is their recycling program and many opt for Lexmark over other makes because of the eco friendly effort they make in their business. Having chosen to purchase Lexmark the question then becomes where can you find it.

Looking for Lexmark printer ink cartridges couldn't be simpler. Should you only bought a Lexmark printer once you open the packaging you will find you already have your own free set of first cartridges included. Based on what you have purchased as a printer these can be Lexmark printer cartridges 14, 15, 16 or any other depending upon the printer itself. A few come with different color cartridges and others have a three color single cartridge. The separate cartridges are more popular to many people as they could be replaced individually as they run out instead of throwing away a cartridge once only one color has run out. These are the only cartridges you get for free however as once these run out you will need to purchase new ones elsewhere. Some individuals may choose to refill these cartridges at a much more cheaper cost but the ink quality is never quite the same as the OEM maker and so chances are you may end up spending much more in constant refills and printing vital documents elsewhere.

Certainly going direct to the manufacturer is the first choice for many, Lexmark itself provides cartridges and refilling through its own website but you would not be able to get the cartridges immediately that makes this a little bit less common when you abruptly run short of ink during a project.

Many local places which sell printers even sell the ink to match. Looking in several office shops that have Lexmark printers usually you could find the matching cartridges also. For example Office Depot, Staples, and other stationers have huge cartridge sections and also provide a refill services should you decide you need to refill rather than buy a new one. These places are never cheap though and usually expect the full manufacturers recommended retail price for the cartridges. Occasionally you might find a sale or Lexmark printer cartridges coupons inside their promotional papers and publications but usually you will need to settle for paying full price. At least one of these stationery retailers can be found in most towns, often more but it is worth checking between them to see if any offer a much better price or if you possess a store card that could get you a discount.

Alternatively your local supermarket may carry printer ink also. Walmart, Target as well as other grocery chains that carry multiple kinds of merchandise also tend to have an electronics segment that even contains printer ink. These stores tend to be more selective however and if you have an older model or one they do not carry you may not be able to find the cartridge you need here. Alternatively stores like Walmart are often much cheaper for the same goods and you will surely be able to get a much better price from shopping here rather than a stationers.

Lexmark printer cartridges