The decision to become certified in life coaching is an important one. Choosing to help others create a vision for their personal and professional lives and to help them make that vision a reality is a true calling. Many programs offer certification in the process of life coaching itself but fail to set coaches up for success with sales and marketing training. For those interested in learning not only how to become a life coach at but how to attract and enroll clients successfully, Life Mastery Institute is delighted to introduce its Dream Builder coaching program.

Founded by life coach guru and best-selling author Mary Morrissey, the Dream Builder program is a 90-day course that helps clients develop and achieve visions for their life and career. Although participates in the Dream Builder coaching sessions acquire comprehensive life coach training at , the unique component to Life Mastery Institute’s program is its emphasis on sales and marketing. Improve public speaking skills while learning to draw clients. Gain tips for moderating discussions while also customizing a professional website. Coaches will leave the intense training equipped with the confidence to not only guide clients on their Dream Builder vision journey, but also with the business acumen to gain those clients in the first place. Life Mastery Institute’s Dream Builder certification program is the ideal choice for a motivated individual interested in becoming a successful career or spiritual life coach

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Founded by life coach expert Mary Morrissey, Life Mastery Institute is the world’s leading source for training and certifying successful life coaches. The institute’s highly acclaimed Dream Builder certification course provides in-depth life coach training with a focus on sales and marketing.

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