31, July 2015: Though unicycles have not so much fans as bicycles, the number of unicycle riders is increasing. Electric unicycle ridersactually may not be able to go on a trip to purify the mind as bicycle riders do,but riding itself is not merely for cultivation, dream or growth.


I was obsessed with riding before and longing for an ideal life of tweeting pictures and inspiring texts on my way anywhere like others. But after a while, it proved to be chicken soup for the soul. Resigning to travel everywhere and hitchhiking seem infinitely enchanting and warm, but what about safety? Pleasant journeys of others do not mean that everyone will be that lucky or can learn something from these journeys. I am not trying to express my objection to riding and going on a frugal trip. However, it is not recommended to follow suit or seek spiritual ballast afar. Just keep yourself away from chicken soup and cherish your life at the moment. Riding does not mean a long ride to very far. It can be riding an intelligent scooter in a city.

Some time, when the sky is clear, clouds scatter and breeze blows gently, I will take my Airwheel electric unicycle out of the cabinet by fits and snatches (as an ordinary white-collar worker, I am proud to buy an affordable made-in-China product) and ride it out for a relax. In bad mood, I will also ride my single-wheel scooter out for a walk; or I will ride it to do some exercises and tour a park. When riding becomes something as casual and common as surfing the Internet, watching TV and playing games, unicycle seems to be more of a lifestyle to me than those dedicated players. It is a part of my life, which is all about what I desire instead of dream or insistence.

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Riding is a simple state actually. Riders may focus on distance, views along the journey or objectives, which, however, are all secondary. People may ride simply for riding. Rider, electricunicycle and riding are links, not all, of a lifestyle. Enjoy yourself!

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