Life OK launches a new comedy-crime show Daffa 420

~ Watch as two conmen and a cop join hands to solve unique and bizarre cases ~

Life OK presents an all new genre of comedy - crime with a unique partnership between conmen and a police officer who get together to solve bizarre cases of scams and conning


National, August 15th2015: We often hear of a common phrase, ‘Police walokinadostiachihainadushmani’ (It’s neither good to be friends or an enemy with a policeman). The chasebetween a cop and aconman has always beenprevalent. But when they both tie up with each other, their relationship becomes even more exciting. Starting August 15th 2015Life OKpresentsa new comedy-crime series calledDaffa 420. The show will airevery Saturday &Sunday at 8pm only on Life OK.

Manoj Pahwa (Chand) who was recently seen in the super-hit Bollywood film DilDhadakne Do, is popularly known for his excellent comic timing. He plays a pivotal role here along withthe versatile actor Amit Mistry (Bhola). Amit has played a fundamental part of several movies like Singh Saab The Great, YamlaPaglaDeewana and many more. Yuvika Chaudhary(Anusha) who is known for her sizzling character as Dolly in Om shanti Om, playing the role of an honest and sharp police officer. She is challenged with bizarre cases that prove difficult to crack while keeping to the code of law. Through Chand and Bhola, she gets an insight into a conman’s mind which leads her to solve these bizarre cases. This unusual partnership evokesinstant laughter and adventure in this light crime caper.

Chand, is a cynic-chauvinist strategist who, with his sharp and witty mind, reads what the naked eye can’t. His partner,Bhola, who is always in awe of him, loyally follows all his orders and considers him his hero. Each character’s different mannerism and individualistic perspective sheds a different light on each of the cases. Chand and Bhola’sunbreakable relationship and their conning experience will help them tackle different cases strategically.

Inspired by world famous cons, this unique show will take the audience through strange yet hilarious cases with every episode. Anusha will be seen cracking these unique cases with the help of Chand and Bholawho con oblivious people by leading them to temptation.This exciting sequence of funny and bizarre cases and the manner in which the trio solve them, will bring thrill and suspense with lots of laughter and entertainment to the show.

Commenting on the show, a Life OK spokesperson said, “We are excited about the launch of this all new genre of fictional comedy-crime series with a unique storyline and promising actors. Manoj Pahwa and Amit Mistry have an exceptional comic timing and Yuvika Chaudhary is a very talented actor. I’m sure they will entertain the audience and give the show an interesting look. We are optimistic about the show and trust the viewers will enjoy it too.’’

Daffa 420 is co-produced in collaboration with Saregama India and Mahir Films.

Says Manish Popat, “Saregama Productions is looking forward to the launch of Daffa 420. It is anupbeat comedy-crime show with talented actors and a very jovial story line that will entertain the audience with every episode. Anusha and the duo Chand and Bhola, will bring in lots of laughter and entertainment as they crack absurd con cases.’’

Mahir Khan, Producer at Mahir Films comments, “This is a one of a kind show which has been inspired by world famous cons. We conducted extensive research for almost three years and are very pleased with the outcome. The modus operandi of these confident tricksters comes alive in a beautiful way throughout all the episodes. Our core focus was to ensure it is a family drama by limiting the violence factor.”

Backed with a unique storyline and hilarious comic moments of the talented actors, Life OK promises to givethe audience a feel-good experience withDaffa 420.


Don’t miss the rib-tickling comedy-crime series of Daffa 420 starting 15th August every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm only on Life OK

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