January 15, 2015: Light & Land, specializing in photographic tours of some of the most beautiful parts of the world, has announced the Isle of Sark tour for April 22-29, 2015. It will cover a 2.2 square mile area just 80 miles south of the English Coast. The three-mile-long island has more than 40 miles of coastline and lies between Normandy and Guernsey. 

With just 600 residents, the island has many bays and headlands suitable for picturesque walking. Other perks include the fact there is no street lighting. It is the first island in the world to attain “Dark Skies” status and is known for excellent views of the stars and Milky Way galaxy. 

Wildflowers abound in the early spring. The scheduled tour will offer glimpses of the lush woodlands filled with red campion, primroses, and wild garlic. Accommodations will be at the luxurious Stocks Hotel near the centre of the island. 

Guided by Phil and Clive, the tour will consist of tips on image selection, textual content, page layout, and other aspects of landscape photography. Escorted walks will include assistance with the photography process. 

The seven-night excursion includes the ferry ride from Guernsey, tuition from both tutors, critique sessions, and a single accommodation. Participants can expect long walks over rough terrain. The photogenic springtime scenery promises to be well worth it. They are expected to leave with a body of work representing their effort, learning, and experience on this enchanting island. 

To learn more about the Isle of Sark tour and to book a spot, visit the Light & Land tour page at http://www.lightandland.co.uk/photography-tours/view/sark1.