09, December 2014: Light & Land provides unique opportunities for holidays, workshops, and photography tours at locations around the world. These are made possible by several participating tutors, including Antony Spencer and Justin Reznick. One example is The Maldives Photography Tour set for the first week of September 2015, set in the northern atolls of the Maldives on-board a luxury yacht. 

Antony Spencer of Dorset first purchased a digital SLR camera in 2007. He won the Landscape Photographer of the Year award in 2010 and today is fully devoted to landscape photography. Having spent much time on the coast of the southwestern peninsula, Spencer is also inspired by arctic winter landscapes and the Aurora Borealis. 

Also an award winning photographer, Justin Reznick has been to 68 countries and has hiked some of the best trails in the world. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, he has photographed the stunning landscapes in the Pacific North West and Canada. His portfolio of images over the past six years is stunning and proves why Reznick is perfect as a Light & Land tutor. 

Examples of each tutor’s photography can be found on the company’s website. Each has a different style yet traveled to some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, from the arctic to the tropics. Both have led tours of The Maldives, the Deserts of the South West USA, and Namibia. 

Tours such as The Maldives include airport transfers, onboard accommodations, three meals a day, and snacks. Bottled water, coffee, and juice are provided as well. Tours can be booked via the company’s online shopping basket. 

To learn more about Light & Land and tutors Antony Spencer and Justin Reznick, visit the company’s website at http://www.lightandland.co.uk/photography-tours/view/the-maldives-landscape-and-underwater