(Free Press Release) The surgical loupes help to maintain the surgeons and dentists to maintain an ergonomic posture while performing the most difficult surgeries. They reduce eye, neck and back strain because there is no effort made on the part of the surgeon to view the working area by changing the position of his body frequently during the surgery.

Loupe Direct sells dental loupes of the best quality at reasonable rates.

Our exclusive features of the loupes are described as follows:

Lightest loupes available in the market: The loupes provided by us are lightweight.
The loupes will be on the nose for a considerable amount of time and therefore they should be as light weight as possible. Loupes provided by us weigh a mere 2 oz
And the flip up loupes weigh a mere only 2.5 oz.

Super High Resolution (HD) Optics: The triple layer coating on the HD Optics gives extremely sharp images.

Triple Hinge: The triple hinge loupes allow 180 degree adjustment which ensures perfect visual alignment and the best ergonomic posture.

G3 Fusion sporty Frames: Our loupes have wrap around high base panaromic lens and the frames are well balanced . They have super soft nose pads which provide great comfort for long periods of time.

Individually adjustable scope: We provide individually adjustable scopes for flip-up loupes. The reason is that more than 90% of population has different right and left eye Pupil Distance.

Polycarbonate Frame lens with 4 A treatment: We provide loupes with the strongest kens in the world. They are treated with anti-fog, anti-scratch, , anti-UV and anti-static and therefore are of the highest quality.

We also provide 14 days no obligation return and exchange policy. We fully understand the needs of dentist and surgeons and how they sometimes would want to test the magnification power and thus if they want to exchange the surgical loupes they can easily do so. We also provide limited lifetime warranty.

For further queries and to buy eye loupes of the highest quality, feel free to visit www.loupedirect.com