Searching for a small VGA/HDMI/DVI touch screen monitor? Look no further as Lilliput Company is expert in 10-inch, 9-inch, 8-inch and even 7-inch touch screen WinCE/Linux/Android tablet PC. The company’s small monitors are presently being utilized in many applications all over the world.

Lilliput manufactures touch screen monitors with HDMI, DVI, VGA and AV multi input, 7 inch WinCE/Linux/Android Panel PC and High definition DSLR camera field monitor that has YPbPr, SDI as well as TFT LCD monitor TV and many more.

HDMI/DVI monitors are swiftly becoming the most sought after handy monitors. Lilliput’s HDMI CCTV monitor for field broadcast DSLR cameras are fitted with valuable features which appeal to an extensive diversity of markets. They take account each single shared AV standard for the electronic market like VGA, HDMI and VGA, YPbPr, composite video and come with smart high definition scaling ideal for mounting.

Some DSLRs just have a single HDMI video connection, so clients need to purchase costly as well as cumbersome HDMI splitters in order to link several monitors to the DSLR. With Lilliput’s products, all these concerns are eliminated. The latest product offered by the company has an HDMI output that allows clients to replicate the content of the video to another monitor, thus there is no need to purchase HDMI splitters that can save one a significant amount of money and time. This is only available at Lilliput and no other company has the capability to provide this kind of product.

Aside from that, Lilliput’s 7inch touch screen WinCE/Linux/Android tablet PC gives high quality and sharp images compared to other monitors out there with a high price. The pictures are really good in order to improve one’s viewing experience. This is one of the reasons why it is becoming in demand and sought after in the market today.

Lilliput devotes its time in developing a business that ensures honesty, humanity and innovation. Promoting innovation and high quality service as well as harmony as the principle of the company’s culture connotation and giving emphasis on making high quality products that will last, Lilliput aims to develop products that are suitable to the needs and budget of every consumer.

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