United States of America; 24, December 2014: Lime Proxies provides their services in making brand new proxy for various business outfits. They have a 24 hour client support that can be contacted through their website www.limeproxies.com The company uses brand new addresses that have not being used before making them private proxies. The instant activation of the addresses is also an added advantage of the proxy providers. The use of fresh proxies makes it possible to have a privacy maintained level for the various set ups. 

The proxies can be purchased at a very nominal rate across many cities in the US and also other countries. The accounts are also set up very fast and activation is hassle free. The Lime Proxies also make it possible to have high internet speed for cloud activation. The company also deals in providing a free guarantee 3 day trip that helps the clients to understand the offerings of the website more clearly. The premium proxy house has more than 100 subnets that can be used from various locations. The paid proxies are without any conflict and come under different price policies. The pricing of the services vary in package and come at a very nominal price. 

Lime Proxies are in this business for a substantial time and have the right infrastructure and knowledge to make them a client favorite. The 1gb high speed data network they offer is also a new introduction of the Lime Proxies team. 

Lime Proxies also take an extra step in giving their set up services for free. The team understands the right usage of the best private proxies to avail them to their customers. Game proxies, sock proxies and premium proxies are all offered from the Lime Proxies team. The different packages that they offer are inclusive of many free services which are very advantageous to the customers. The website also has a chat box that is operated by their officials to help the customers on any kinds of information. The huge possibility of the premium proxy makes it very ideal for them to have new links and IP addresses. The new Virgin lines that they offer are unused and guaranteed with certification. 

The company also has a money back policy that they are provincial with. The customers can buy proxies at a very low rate depending on the size of their business to get the best of results for their clients. The proxies are advanced with high network accessibility making them further more beneficiaries for the clients. Lime Proxies is a reliable service lender of IP address issues. 

About Lime Proxies: 

Lime Proxies is a leading provider of private proxy to various companies. They are experienced in their forte and offer extremely cheap pricing for their network packages. Their website www.limeproxies.com can be visited for more information.