Jiangsu, China; 21, January 2015: Focusing on consumer safety, cost effectiveness and superior all terrain vehicle riding experience, Linhai announces to offer new and improvised ATV models at reasonable prices. According to the company spokesperson, the new ATVs have been engineered to consume low fuel and release low contamination for an eco-friendly ATV riding experience. Moreover, one can enjoy riding a LINHAI ATV with a superior control and a safe driving system. The company spokesperson boasts of its enhanced features and maintains that they aim at providing a safe and enjoyable ATV riding experience for everyone.

All ATV models of the company conform to the EPA/EEC certifications and thus ensure a safety guarantee to the customers. One can easily drive the vehicles on the snow, swamp or desert and almost in any terrain, without bothering about any safety related issue. The vehicles have a robust build and have been designed to offer a tension-free ride on any type of rough and tough terrain. These vehicles can be used for leisure and recreational activities, and these could also be used for several practical applications such as field exploration, patrolling and in military activities.

According to the spokesperson, their model like LH700ATV is becoming more popular among the customers for its fuel efficient performance and hydraulic brakes that offer a superior control for the driver. Besides offering functional advantages, the model is available in impressive red, black and white colors. The LH500ATV-E is an adorable all terrain vehicle with a robust 500cc 4-stroke engine. The ATV can move at a maximum speed of 89km/h, irrespective of the terrain it is moving on.

LINHAI has several ATV models that can offer an incredible experience while exploring difficult terrain for a leisure activity or for a specialized operation. The company is offering a number of choices for a person to enjoy riding ATVs in a safe and pleasurable manner. To learn more about different types of ATVs and their specifications, one may visit the website http://www.atv-linhai.com

About Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Corp.:

Linhai is a state-owned enterprise underling SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council). Linhai is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Foma (Group) Co., Ltd. that is subordinate to China National Machinery Industry Corporation. Founded in 1956, the company has a history of more than fifty years in the development and production of small engines and power machinery.

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