(Free Press Release) Rio De Janeiro, September 1, 2010- Sualipo.com.br helps you get rid of unwanted fat from any body part by up to 90 percent. The process is carried out with the help of local anesthesia. Lipoaspiracao is as effective with local anesthesia as was the traditional liposuction process with epidural or general anesthesia. A patient will experience the same benefits like the ones experienced during the traditional liposuction process.

There are no risks with local anesthesia. The fat does not build up again after Lipo procedure. At the same time, the patient will have less fat cell in the treated area now. Sometimes, a person does not have control over gordura localizada. The shape of our body is determined by your genes and age. Lipoaspiracao can help where diet and exercise fail. This procedure helps you get your lost self-esteem and boosts your confidence.

The Centre for Advanced Liposuction was developed keeping in mind the practice of liposuction. Men suffering from ginecomastia do not have to feel embarrassed or inferior anymore as liposuction can come to their rescue. The patient can rest assured that he will be absolutely comfortable and safe. Latest technology is used to perform the delicate task of removing fat. The center follows standards set for clinics specializing in this procedure in the United States. We also make sure that requirements of the Brazilian Legislations like ANVISA and CFM are fulfilled.

Procedures like Tumescent Lipo, HLPA, Hidrolipo, lipo light, or mini lipo require many sessions. However, the liposuction performed by us will remove the same amount of fat in a few sessions using local anesthesia. What is more, the procedure ensures peace of mind for the patient. He can relax in the operating room where he lies on a big, comfortable bed. The patient can stay awake and listen to music or watch a program on TV while the operation is taking place.

The process of lipoaspiracao is made very easy by us. The procedure is carried out quietly without causing any inconvenience. If you wish, you can always be given a mild sedate by the anesthetist who is always present during the operation. There are no serious complications and drains unlike in the traditional liposuction procedure. The patient can relax knowing the fact that this procedure is permanent. The fat is gone forever and there would be less fat cell in the treated area after the procedure.

Liposuction is a reality unlike fake health spas or senseless diet regimes. The procedure is a fast way to lose a lot of fat. It just takes about an hour before you start seeing results. Lipoaspiracao withdraws the skin and gives it a more definite shape. Our company also guarantees that we will remove fat from the area the patient desires between 50 and 90 percent. If the patient feels that his fat has not reduced by even 50 percent, we commit that we will reapply the procedure at no extra cost.

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Dr. Eduardo Sitnoveter
Centro Avancado Lipoaspiracao
Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro, Rua Siqueira Campos, 43, Gr.706, Brazil
Phone: (21) 2256-1152