06, October 2015: The technology and science applied to the electric self-balancing scooter makes or breaks one scooter-maker, for technology and science makes one brand stand out from other brands. FOSJOAS, whose owner is Moben Global Inc., make something of itself in the whole market for its better understanding of the import of technology and science. Throughout the whole history of Moben Global Inc., there are many new technologyintroduced to FOSJOASintelligent self-balancing scooter for the first time.


The twin-wheeled hub system

In early market for scooter, the single-wheeled intelligent scooter predominated. The single-wheeled intelligent scooter was famed for its agility especially when it turns. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Steering the single-wheeled intelligent scooter will take some doing for a beginner although all highly skilled players swoon over the single-wheeled intelligent scooter. Moben Global Inc. attempted to let more scooter-lovers enjoy the riding of FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing scooter and in the end it developed the original twin-wheeled hub system.

The electronic brake system

The electronic brake system is introduced to the latest model by Moben Global Inc.—FOSJOAS K3. The electronic brake system is available to activate by pressing the button near the LED display. Once an emergency happened which might leave the rider no time to respond, it is not sufficient to stop his vehicle by standing still. The slow brake will cause the danger. The electronic brake system rules out the issue and potential danger. Simply pressing the button, the rider could stop quickly at once so as to respond to the emergency in time.


The ability to connect to the mobile phone

K3 starts the ability to connect to the mobile phone. In the whole sector, the ability to connect to the mobile phone is new to the masses. It is first time for K3 to introduce this technology. Download the APP from online for nothing, one can manipulate the vehicle on APP. The rider could set the top speed limit, locate the vehicle.

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