Little Dipper, a new online fabric store that brings unique fabric designs through pre-selling yards to produce a commercial run, is announcing their Kickstarter campaign launching on Monday August 31st, 2015. From their campaign, they hope to provide new, fresh fabric options for sewers, quilters, DIYers, makers and designers whileoffering more opportunities for artists to share their designs with the greater world. If their campaign is successful, they will be able to produce their first commercial-quality fabric and fabric products for their supporters.

The goal of Little Dipper is to create an online community of fabric lovers and pattern artists through their ecommerce website. “The artists who sell their designs through Little Dipper will be paid well for their work. Customers of our fabric will be in possession of high-quality, eco-conscious, unique and beautiful fabric”, says Emilie Drumm, one of the co-founders of the company.

Little Dipper wants to democratize fabric sales and manufacturing. Fabric manufacturers have been the main drivers of what is sold in the textile industry, but “we want our customers to decide what fabrics are made, not the executives at large corporations to determine what their customers might like”, Keith Anderson, co-founder adds.

How does their website work?

Their website features each fabric design for a 30 day pre-sale period, and if enough customers commit to buy, they will produce a commercial run of the fabric. However, if not enough customers are interested in buying the fabric, they will not produce it.

About Little Dipper
Little Dipper is based in Berkeley, California, and hopes to service individual customers, fabric stores and designers throughout the United States. View their website at andkickstarter campaign entitled: Little Dipper—Unique Fabric Creations.

Contact: Keith Anderson
Tel. (510) 859-8463
Email: [email protected]