British periodical the Stoke Sentinel, a local newspaper from the Staffordshire region, has recently published a piece in which they unveil the new trends for brides’ hair for the upcoming year.

With the help of specialists, the publication determines — in a piece published on their website last month — that trends for brides hair dos in 2014 will hinge heavily on retro and vintage styles, to match the ‘retro craze’ the wedding industry has been experiencing of late.

According to a local hairdresser quoted by the article, who has worked with OK Magazine, this sudden turn towards the vintage may have been inspired by the recent wave of Hollywood period pieces. Films such as the Baz Luhrmann remake of The Great Gatsby or recent hit American Hustle could be influencing women to look towards past decades when seeking inspiration for their bridal hairstyles.

Among the brides’ hair styles making a comeback this season are the 1940s-style loose inward curls, achieved with a curling iron, as well as the traditional 1960s beehive and classic chignons. All of these styles have also partially been influenced by celebrities outside of the wedding context, either by wearing them on the red carpet or during a televised appearance. One example is Amy Adams, who sported several different types of chignon hairdo in recent public appearances. These styles are also thought by most brides to be classic, versatile and relatively uncomplicated enough to allow them to shine without requiring a lot of work.

With the re-emergence of these classical styles, the half-up, half-down or wavy styles that have been popular in recent years are likely to take a back seat once again, although they will not necessarily stop being viable options for brides. The stylist quoted in the article believes, however, that vintage styles are likely to overshadow these mainstay hair dos for the foreseeable future.

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