Finding a good contractor which can fix a leaky basement is by no means an easy task. Since waterproofing a basement is a respectable investment, you as a home owner need to be sure of your decision. In most cases people resort to asking friends and family when they try to find a local basement waterproofing contractor or just trying out their luck with whichever they managed to locate, however a new local SEO company hopes to make your next choice an easy one. 

LocalSEOlution has been providing highly sophisticated and updated SEO services to local businesses and is now expanding its portfolio to include basement waterproofing contractors as well. LocalSEOlution has already helped many plumbing and roofing contractors as well as attorney and law firms find online exposure which has helped them take their respective businesses to the next level. 

One Stop Site for All Basement Waterproofing Requirements which is the website currently being developed by LocalSEOlution attempts to cater to two requirements simultaneously. It offers a search engine optimized web portal to waterproofing contractors so that they can be found online. The website also has accurate reviews and assessment of contractors who are listed so that people can know what service quality can be expected from them, and what their relative strengths and weaknesses are. 

Introducing a New Generation of Web Marketing 

Online marketing has changed dramatically over the years; take for instance the Panda and the Penguin updates that Google released which have totally changed the prerequisites for being listed on the search engine’s results pages. The name of the game is now quality content and those who do not abide by it will see the number of visitors to their web property plummet. LocalSEOlution provides a service which takes into account any changes that the search engines might make; as they provide only high quality, unique content their pages will continue to see high SERP rankings. 

Also, LocalSEOlution offers social media marketing so that contractors can leverage the power of websites like Facebook and Twitter to find even more online exposure. 

Mobile Pay Per Call Advertising 

Pay per call is perhaps the best thing that has happened to mobile based search engine advertising. It allows contractors to list their phone numbers directly on a paid advertisement which is then displayed for searches that are being performed on mobile devices. Services such as Google Adwords and MSN Ads are already offering pay per call services where businesses can directly add a phone number to their advertisement so that people who search for a contractor on their smart phone can immediately call the service and make an appointment. Pay per call advertisements are known to yield higher conversion rates than traditional ads and LocalSEOlution offers a tried and tested formula to leverage this new technology so that contractors can start getting business calls immediately. 

LocalSEOlution is an online marketing service specializing in leveraging new and emerging technologies to help local businesses find exposure online. They offer companies a service which can help them generate visibility within their local community. 

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