Home Painters Toronto gears up for the 15th anniversary of the commencement of EPA this September, as they continue their crusade towards use of environmentally friendly painting materials in accordance to the 2007 agreement.

Toronto, CA-18 August 2014. Local Painting Contractor Veterans Home Painters Toronto seeks to strengthen their media presence and online leadership with new website design and regular updating of new useful and informative blog articles for the benefit of online viewers and interested individuals. The company is also one with the rest of Toronto, in celebrating the 15th year anniversary of the landmark legislation, the Environmental Protection Act of 1999 this September. Home Painters Toronto has also opened a new division under its name with specialty on handyman services.

The Law and the Environment

Being one of the early adopters back in 1999, Home Painters Toronto has been advocating the use of safe paint products in most of its dealings even before that year.

In 2007 when the EPA was further strengthened to disallow the use of any paint products for residential use to exceed certain levels of the compound 2 — BE [Butoxyethanol], many paint manufacturers took the order by heart and made necessary changes accordingly. From then on, painting contractors have worked hand in hand with only the best companies who abide by this rule since its institution back in 2007 [already 7 years in effect].

“Our policy is to use high-quality and environmentally safe paint products so we rely on these following brands: Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Para, and Dulux,” says Brian Young, company president.

“As we commemorate the 15 years of EPA, may all painting contractors in Toronto and the GTA or even beyond our borders, realize the deep impact of ecological wastes that can harm the environment we call home. I encourage them to start going green as early as today,” adds Brian further.

Stronger Online Presence

Over the course of years, Home Painters Toronto has amassed a loyal following within the community. Of most competing contractors seen on Google's SERPs, only Home Painters Toronto enjoys a unique 5 star rating space ranking in the first page, marking its excellence in HomeStars, a reputable ratings site for local trade.

To build up on this popularity and the trust that homeowners and commercial ventures put into their team, they have promised to continuously provide the best of both world when it comes to service.

First is to always satisfy any project be it for commercial or residential space and two achieve even greater heights in the online arena. Their website just recently received a redesign to accompany a fast pace generation and adds stream of new articles in their informative blog that also ranks on the first page of Google search results.

With this success, the opening of their new handyman services division called Handyman Painters Toronto(www.homepainterstoronto.com/painters-toronto-experts-develops-division-gta/) has been received with raves from the community.

“The opening of this division gave us more time to split our focus on two separate projects [handyman and painting] at a time but still be flexible enough to combine both services if any entity or individual requests so,” proves Young.

About Home Painters Toronto
It started in 1987 with just a few residential customers who trusted a new name in commercial and domestic painting services. It has outperformed every competition along the way with its milestones in citations, TV features, charity work and eco-friendly painting procedures. Now they aim to establish better business culture be it on site or online. The company has since then evolved to offer a new division dedicated to handyman services.

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