Having one’s own garden is no longer reserved only for farmers or for people living in the countryside. On the contrary, nowadays even people living in the center of a large city with no garden space can grow their own greens, flowers and even their own vegetables, without turning their home into an indoor mud pit. Hydroponics is all about growing different plants, herbs and even fruit in a small place like the balcony of a 2 bedroom apartment, by growing the plants above water. The plants’ roots rest in the water where nutrients are added and above water, light conditions are balanced, planned and controlled throughout the grow cycle. Keep reading to find out more about the importance of using quality Hortilux or Ushio lighting fixtures and lighting products, and to see what to look for in a quality online Hydroponics shop.


All plants need enough light of the right spectrums to thrive and grow strong and fruitful, whether they’re growing in water or in soil. So, one of the most important tasks on your Hydroponics itinerary should be to ensure you have the best Hortilux or Ushio lighting products you can afford. If you’re just starting to experiment with Hydroponics, it would probably be in your best interest to wait on buying those really large or really expensive Hortilux or Ushio lighting products until you get more experience with growing. It will take some time to perfect your method and sort out all the kinks in your system, so give yourself the chance to get better before committing to large purchases.


This being said, you should also know—as you probably do, if only instinctively—that different plant species need different types and amounts of light. For example, tomatoes will need a lot more light than ferns, so it’s probably not a good idea to try growing them together in your Hydroponics system, especially if you’re working with a limited grow space. One of the biggest advantages of Hydroponics is the fact that you can mount your plant tanks on the wall, but this also means that you’ll have to think out your lighting system ahead of time to know what Hortilux or Ushio products to purchase, to make the most of your space and your budget at the same time.


When you’re researching different online Hydroponics shops, look for one that offers fast shipping. Most people end up staying with the company they buy from their first time around, and so you need to know that if you need a replacement part for your system, the company will dispatch your order the day you place it or the next business day, according to the time of day when the order is placed. Some of the best online Hydroponics stores will also offer free shipping, so look out for those offers and add on to your savings.


Find out what you should be looking for to make sure you choose the best online Hydroponics store to purchase your Hortilux or Ushio lighting products, to get the best deals and protections for your next generation Hydroponics system.