The law office of Loftus law, a leading divorce and family law firm located in Sarasota has announced to offer experts legal guidance to divorcing couples. Leslie Wulfsohn Loftus, the founder of this law firm is an experienced divorce and family attorney in Sarasota. Ending a marriage can be extremely hard, particularly for those couple with kids. In such situations, getting an understandable and good lawyer is completely vital to avoid any apparent chaos. The lawyer should not only have the proficiency to handle divorces but should also be able to understand their client’s emotions and thoughts and should be trustable.  Ms. Loftus handles her case with utmost care providing legal as well as emotional support to the clients.

Additionally, Ms. Loftus has also gone to the extent of offering a concierge approach to the clients. She divulged that she has gone above and beyond to help her clients adding that each case calls for special handling, as no two family law cases are the same.

The site added that Ms. Loftus works with her clients closely in order to provide them with a crucial understanding of the Florida family law proceedings. The attorney and the client then works together to make sure that there are articulated, legitimate, agreed upon and realistic goals. Once the goals are ascertained she provides her clients with a variety of options that are designed to meet these objectives. Due to the complexity involved in the family law court system, Ms. Loftus believes that it is in the interest of her clients to resolve family law issues outside of the courtroom if possible. This is because of the fact that no attorneys can guarantee about the results that can be obtained after a trial or hearing before the court. Ms. Loftsus has been known to represent her client’s position in a strong, comprehensive manner that is designed to attain victory without sacrificing professionalism.  For more information please go to


The Loftus law office is one of the leading professional divorce and family law firms in Sarasota, Florida. Ms. Loftus provide trustworthy and exceptional support to her clients. She shows professionalism in her cases and makes every effort to protect the right of her clients. She has years of expertise and is proficient about the legal system of Sarasota.


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