Established in 2001, Loh Recycle Enterprise is a leading waste collection and recycling company providing scrap and waste collection services in Malaysia and supplying a variety of recyclable materials to worldwide markets.  Renowned for competitive product offerings, premium customer services and professionalism, Loh Recycle has earned a longstanding support and recognition from its customers with growing reputation in the industry.

With 11 years of experience in waste management, Loh Recycle provides reliable and professional scrap and waste collection services to commercial, industrial, municipal and residential sectors in Malaysia.  Supported by systematic collection operations, well-managed collection stations and facilities as well as a team of professional outbound collection workforce, we now serve millions of residential customers every year under the contracts with municipalities for residential waste collection services.  

The collected scrap and waste materials will be delivered to our recycling factory for professional recycling processing into a variety of recyclable materials for resale.  With advanced recycling facilities and machineries, strong expertise and experience, Loh Recycle supplies a wide range of recyclable materials to worldwide markets including ferrous metal scraps, nonferrous metal scraps, recycled plastic, waste paper, electrical and electronic waste.  

Right from the start, Loh Recycle has been striving to strengthen and outperform itself in the industry through continuous enhancement and investments in product quality management, services support, industry expertise and customer satisfaction, thereby fostering its strong capacity to fulfill the changing market needs and securing its competitive position in the marketplace for years.  As a reliable and professional waste collection and recycling company, Loh Recycle is committed to continuous improvement.  We have put in place a strictly-controlled quality management system together with a set of customer service commitment policies to further uplift our quality management and professionalism to provide maximum values and benefits to our customers and guarantee a higher standard of customer satisfaction.  Such commitment and professionalism is always a major advantage differentiating us from our competitors, earning us a longstanding win-win partnership with our customers and sustainable growth over the years.

We believe recycling gives a new life to waste and saves natural resources, taking us to a greener and healthier environment.  Loh Recycle is committed to preserving the environment by providing premium quality waste management and recycling services with all efforts.


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