The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, August 6, 2014: Exclusivity has different forms, the exhibition of which depends upon the preference of individuals. One of the ways to make any event exclusive is to charter a fine yacht and Lomond Yachts is one company that makes such desires possible for those who can afford it. A step further from yacht charters, the company even sells various models of yachts manufactured by some of the renowned ship building companies in the world. It sells and charters only fine sea-going vessels that built to provide high degree of facility in terms of accommodation and entertainment. 

Lomond Yachts is a trader as well as a consultant simultaneously. It sells and charters Super Yachts of Ned Ship Group, Princess, Lurssen, Heesen, Sunseeker, Pearl and many other and many other manufacturers and providers of the same class. Lomond serves to its customers also as a consultancy that searches and selects options that meet the specific criteria of different customers. The range of yachts rented and sold by the English company includes charter, custom-built, used and new models. Lomond Yachts provides insurance and finance services too. Adhering to its claim of extensive support, the company provides crew as well as catering, event planning and celebrity entertainment services. 

Lomond Yachts is a complete luxury yacht charters firm with operations spread worldwide. It works internationally for corporate, entrepreneurial and celebrity clients in the Caribbean, Italy, France, Monaco, the USA, Germany and even China. The extent of its provision is understood from the inclusion of villas, helicopters and jets as part of its concierge services. The company takes care of the entire process starting from preparation of shortlist and through to arrangement of viewings or charters in advance. Thus, Lomond Yachts encompasses most relevant aspects that just offer yachts for sale. The company presents options to prospective customers on the basis of their specification rather than maintaining presenting a pre-selected fleet for sale or hire. 

The advantage offered with superyacht sales by Lomond Yachts is the extension of service to make experience of the customer complete. Sale is often a one-off business in many industries. However, in case of Lomond, sale is the beginning of a new relationship with the customer. From assistance towards the complex purchase process to that towards launch and post-launch affairs, the company remains committed to its customers. Buyers and hirers spend hefty amounts on super yachts and Lomond values their money in form of personalised and specialised service. Besides, it is a complex organisation that makes communicating with its top level easier for customers. 

About Lomond Yachts 


Lomond Yachts is a consultancy engaged in sales and charter of mega yachts, super yachts, luxury yachts and power boats. It is based in London and is headed by Douglas McFarlane, who is the CEO of the company, and Anne Darnell, who is the Client Service Director in the firm.