20 August, 2014: London and international wedding blogs are abuzz with the upcoming annual “Brides of Culture” exhibition. For the 15th year, the Brides of Culture exhibition is returning to highlight the best of the regional and local vendors working to provide the very best in culturally diverse wedding day concepts and commodities. From all over London, including the top designers of wedding dresses in Richmond, those featured in the exhibition will undoubtedly benefit from taking part. 

As one of the largest multicultural wedding events in the United Kingdom, the exhibition is set to inspire with its showcase of the newest styles, trends and accessories from a range of ethnic backgrounds. It is especially exciting for those shopping for wedding dresses in Richmond and other parts of the London regional area. 

Growing exponentially every year, the exhibition attracts more than 800 potential clients and gives local and regional vendors a chance to showcase not only their current designs, but also what they can do on a custom and individual basis. 

The exhibition focuses on Afro-Caribbean, Asian, and African wedding cultures and customs and how they can interact with Western aspects from the United Kingdom and beyond. But this doesn’t mean the Brides of Culture exhibition is about those ethnic backgrounds alone. In fact, they welcome a variety of vendors and patrons from all backgrounds; they aim to work together in a true blend of culture to create a wedding day that is true to the modern client’s multifaceted lifestyle. From couture Asian inspired wedding dresses in Richmond to unique handcrafted hair accessories from Luton, there will be something at the Brides of Culture exhibition for every bride-to-be. 

The Brides of Culture exhibition takes place twice annually (once in March and once in September), with the knock on effects for local bridal designers rippling through the local industry for months afterwards. The next Brides of Culture exhibition will take place on September 13th, 2014 at De Vere on Canary Warf, and it’s free to enter. 

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