(Free Press Release) Location, Location, Location, we hear that phrase often whenever someone is thinking about buying a new home or business. However, if we already own a home we rarely think of location as the inside of our property—but that is exactly where you should look. Jonathan King, owner of SHOOTFACTORY Location library, wants to use your home for a location shoot—for either film or photography.

Jonathan King has worked in the creative field for over 10 years, and has a keen eye for style and dramatic flair. He has combined his creative professional work experience with personal knowledge of location houses - Jonathan‘s personal property is often used a location house. Jonathan King advises property owners of their homes potential as a location house. While not every home is suitable as a location house because of size, geographic location, or décor, there are really no set factors. Filmmakers and photographers are always looking for different styles to suit their creative needs.

SHOOTFACTORY Location Library‘s clients span the globe from the UK, Europe, and Asia, to the Americas. SHOOTFACTORY Location Agency is becoming a social media phenomenon; and is written about extensively by interior design website bloggers.

It is not often you can say your house made you money in just one day. However, after just nine to twelve hours of photo or film work, clients average £500 to £1000 ($722 to $1445 US Dollar) for a photo shoot and in excess of £1200 ($1700 US Dollar) for a film shoot. That kind of cash gives whole new meaning to the term “housework.”

SHOOTFACTORY Location Library's client's homes have been showcased in newspapers and magazines such as The Times, Vogue, French Connection, Laura Ashley, Tie Rack, B&Q, BHS, Sanderson, and Dorma and can be seen in TV commercials: JOOP, DYSON, Furniture Village, B&Q, Sensodyne as well as music videos: Madonna‘s filth and Wisdom.

For more information please visit http://www.shootfactory.co.uk
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Phone: +44 (0) 207 252 3900