The LANAP® laser, guided by certified  Long Island periodontist Dr. Alan Farber, allows him to treat the periodontal pocket by taking out the infected or diseased tissue.  One of the most significant aspects of this advanced surgical technique is the extremely selective and exceptionally accurate laser. LANAP® stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Protocol and it is a type of surgical therapy that is created specifically for treatment of periodontitis.

A minimally invasive treatment, LANAP® efficiently replaces the conventional scalpel in periodontal surgery. It is widely used as an alternative to invasive gum surgery and has been performed for more than ten years after receiving FDA approval to treat gum disease in 2004. This gum surgery alternative in Long Island also requires no sutures whatsoever. Not only is this a faster and more comfortable replacement for traditional gum surgery, but it also reduces all of the swelling along with the bleeding following the operation.

The LANAP® procedure allows Dr. Farber to get rid of only the necrotic or damaged connective tissue while leaving the healthy tissue intact. This process can accelerate recovery time and minimize the general downtime a patient with gum disease could typically face.  Patients are normally able to continue on with their daily activities after a treatment session.  This is one of the main reasons the LANAP® laser is considered an important medical breakthrough in the area of gingivitis and  gum disease treatment .

An FDA-approved treatment for gum disease, LANAP® supports regeneration of the bone tissue and conservation of teeth and gums. In order to save the patient's teeth, the periodontist may use the LANAP® laser to eliminate all of the other damaged tissue found beneath the connective tissue.  This laser assisted therapy for gingivitis and  dental implants was designed to decrease the overall likelihood of serious conditions and diseases triggered by gum disease.

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