China - The LOPO China has devoted into the manufacturing for Terracotta Wall Facade Panels with the concept of environmental protection and innovation for many years. Their research and development for Terracotta Wall Panel is very and effective. With their advantage of location, talent, great financial strength and strong research and development ability, the LOPO China has already get constantly breakthroughs in the field of new building materials application. Their Terracotta Wall Panel and Terracotta Facade Wall Cladding which applied the EPS lightweight material has great function for environmental protection and energy saving.

In the practice of the development for industry of wall panel materials, people began the exploration for the development of the green wall materials and they have also carried out a series of practice activities for green wall materials such as the fully utilizing of the discharges industrial waste residues. The using for the industrial wastes could help people make a lot of industrial waste residue instead of clay resources. This should be the important technical revolution for the green environmental protection wall materials. It could fundamentally change the disadvantages of the cultivated for large area of land, huge energy consuming and environmental pollution of traditional wall materials. However, the LOPO China has constantly tried their best to achieving this goal.

As the leading China manufacturer for Terracotta Wall Panel, Terracotta Facade Wall Cladding LOPO CHINA and Terracotta Louver, the LOPO China has the advanced marketing concept, high-quality management team, outstanding innovation ability and development ability. On the other hand, the LOPO China has also made full use of their advantages such as high quality human resource from universities in its location, developed information upgraded speed and strong science and technology strength. The LOPO China has established well cooperation with many famous universities in China and they employ a number of well-known professors in these famous universities as technical adviser of them. All of these advantages have helped LOPO China make a series of breakthrough and progress in the field of new wall panel industry. Their wall panel products such as Terracotta Wall Panel, Terracotta Facade Wall Cladding and Terracotta Louver are well known in world market.

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LOPO China is the professional manufacturer for all kinds of Terracotta facade Panel for curtain wall panel products such as Terracotta Wall Panel, Terracotta Facade Wall Cladding, Terracotta Louver and Terracotta Baguette. More seven experiences have made LOPO China the leading manufacturer in this industry in China.