Los Angeles, March 19, 2014: Accidents are always sudden and unexpected and can bring several types of health hazards and monetary losses. However, it could become more traumatic when one is charged with a DUI offense. In California, laws against drunken driving are stricter and one can face serious legal consequences, if fails to present his/her case before the judge in an appropriate and convincing manner. However, one often remains clueless how to hire an experienced lawyer for a legal representation in a DUI court case. All such people can take help of a new informative video published by Ron Hedding. Through his video, Ron stresses upon hiring an experienced lawyer and reveals the important advice to follow when searching for a lawyer

Ron is a reputed criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles and he heads his Hedding Law Firm. He has successfully handled a number of DUI cases in his career. He knows that in the majority of the cases, an accused doesn’t have an idea about the DUI offenses and its legal consequences. He states, “The first thing one needs to do when charged with a DUI offense is to find an experienced DUI lawyer.” He is confident that his video will help a person realize the importance of hiring an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney, and which is important for an accused to get the maximum respite in the case under the legal framework of the state. 

Every year, thousands of people face DUI charges in Los Angeles and many of them have to pay heavy monetary penalties or undergo an imprisonment because of their inability to get an experienced lawyer to their rescue. Now, Ron’s video will enable people to find a good and qualified DUI attorney in Los Angeles who can rescue them and bringing them the maximum possible legal respite. 

Ron maintains that his video is aimed at creating awareness about the bad consequences of drunken driving. “It is my effort to bring down the drunken driving cases in Los Angeles. At the same time, it will offer an important guidance to all those who need to hire a drunk driving lawyer Los Angeles CA,” Ron reveals. 

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