Recent reports show that therapy has become one of the most sought after service today. The fast paced life and work oriented life has led people to neglect their emotional and personal life. Leading psychologists say that this vacuum is especially prevalent in cosmopolitan cities and other urban habitations.

Therapy has become an important necessity. People living in the cosmopolitan cites are constantly seeking help from therapy and psychologists to lead a fuller and most fulfilled life. Los Angeles, the city of showbiz and celebrities has attracted so many ambitious individuals over the past decades. The city is perhaps one of the most work driven cities in the world, leaving no time for the personal. There are an increasing number of people living in Los Angeles who are finding it difficult to cope with the work driven life, that they find themselves at the door of psychologists. It has been reported that people are finding it more and more difficult to find a good therapist Los Angelesbecause all the good ones are already booked. Dr. Yvonne Thomas is one of the leading psychologists in America. In order to help with the situation, she has announced a free consultation worth $75 to anyone who needs help yet cannot afford it. Many have reported that they used this service not because they cannot afford a therapist but because most of the good therapists are booked and this emergency service was their only choice. Dr. Yvonne Thomas is one of the most demanded psychologists in Los Angeles yet she makes time for these emergency free consultations.

The leading psychologist has been sought and quoted in many magazines, TV shows and books. Her most recent interview is in the, where she talks about the right ways to apologize and solidify one’s personal relationship not just with one’s partner but also with colleagues and friends. For more information please go to


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Dr. Yvonne Thomas is a licensed psychologist with three degree in psychology and over twenty years of working experience. She has been sought out and quoted as a media psychologist for TV including CNN, VH1, E!, Entertainment, Nightline, The Learning Channel, CBS, NBC, Kcal News, and the Larry Elder Show. Her professional expertise has also been utilized in numerous magazines including People, Smart Money, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Us Weekly, Psychology Today, and multiple online sites including WebMD,, etc. She has also been featured in several books.


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