It has been noticed that with the advent of summer season, people start getting body-conscious and start getting ready for a bikini body. However, losing weight in just few days is not possible and can lead to health disorder if exercises are done excessively without any proper training. In the midst of confusion among dieters, Autumn Calabrese new slimming program called 21 Day Fix brings a little hope for those who want to toned up and look slim.

A new website which was recently launched provides a complete review about 21 Day Fix. The weight program focuses on certain parts of the body and help people lose inches in thighs, waist, arms and abs. It also uses a KISS approach to help dieters follow the weight program easily. It is a combination of diet and fitness, which have been missing is many diet programs. According to the creator of 21 Day Fix, an effective weigh plan should contain proper, well planned exercises along with diet plans. One should eat the right food in right proportion in order to lose fast weight and get in shape.

21 Day Fix comes with 2 DVDs, each containing 3 workout programs which aims at burning excessive calories in 30 minutes. The total body cardio fix will push up the metabolism and control heart rates for a long-lasting weight lose benefits. The upper fix focuses on shoulders, back, arms, chest, and abs while the lower fix concentrates on thighs, calves, and butt. The Pilates fix help in toning and elongating body and even firms up the hips and thighs.

The workout program comes with a 30 days full refund, where customers can get back their money if not satisfied. Interested customers can download 21 Day Fix and get additional work out materials such as 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, Dirty 30Workout, 3 Day Quick Fix, and 24/7 Online Support. For more information please go to


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