Playing Lottery gets even more interesting with the Lotto Software available at the wherein it helps the players play the lottery with control. There are greater chances of players winning the lottery when they use this software. This is because the software consists of a strong analysis tool, a filtering tool and a wheeling tool that increases the odds for winning. The sophisticated filters and the advanced features enables the players view the past behavior of the filter and predict the next value of the same filter. The lottery software provides a graphic statistical analysis and a comprehensive graph which allows players to analyze and predict the next move of the filter.

These unique features allow players to play a whole pool of numbers in their lottery game. The software program generates lotto programs millions of combinations and filters them down to a single line or very few affordable combinations for the players to play their next draw. The players can get rid of the dilemma during number selection. This lotto software is a powerful and an effective tool that supports 130 and more lotto lotteries. The software supports 20 different countries and regions worldwide. The lottery software also supports custom wheels and all pick 4-7 wheels with a free update on latest drawings data.

The lotto PowerPlayer software generates one million lines in just 3 seconds. It provides over 17 statistical analysis methods and supports over 150 charts. All the base filters are generated with just a single click. The software works with lotteries with 0, 1 or 2 bonus numbers or with 1 powerball number. It supports 50 base filters and 18 advanced filters. The software is 100% risk free and comes with a free video tutorial that can be downloaded instantly. The site provides information with regards to various lottery systems that are supported by the software in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

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PowerPlayer Lottery Team, is a professional lottery software development team. Ever since they have pick 3 software started their development in 2005, they have been selling their software to over 80 different countries and regions with more than 10,000 registered customers. They provide lottery software that helps players increase their winning odds.

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