PowerPlayer offers PowerPlayer Ultimate, PowerPlayer for Prediction and www.magicrsoft.com PowerPlayer for Pick 3 or 4 software for players to increase their winning odds. The software provides the most professional lottery analysis, filtering services and wheeling services. The PowerPlayer Ultimate Lotto Software supports all Picks from 4 to 7 wheels as well as custom wheels. Users can get a free update on the latest drawings data. The software provides over 17 statistical analysis methods and supports over 150 charts. With just a single click users can generate all base filters. It also supports check winning and generates one million lines in just 3 seconds.

The PowerPlayer for Prediction on the other hand helps players predict the next drawings and also provides a drawings trend chart. The latest 2013 version of this lotto software supports historical drawings verification. The software usually offers 8-19 prediction numbers. This software also supports over 130 lotto lotteries in 20 different countries and regions. The Prediction software also comes with a video tutorial that can be downloaded for free. This software also provides a free update on latest drawings data for the players.

The lottery software PowerPlayer for Pick 3 / 4 2013 is the best software wherein the players can lottery software play any digital type lottery with control. Like the other PowerPlayer Ulitmate Software this software also has a strong analysis tool as well as a filtering tool that helps players win the lottery. The other interesting features that is also available here is the graphic statistical analysis wherein the players can view the past behavior of the filters and predict the next value of the filters. A comprehensive graph is provided for players to analyze and predict the next move of the filters. The software supports the Logical condition with ¡°And¡± and ¡°Or¡± along with check winning.

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PowerPlayer Lottery Team, ww w. magicrsoft.com is a professional lottery lotto software software development team. They develop lotto software that helps players with more winning odds. The Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate and PowerPlayer for Prediction software works with all Pick 4, 5, 6 or 7 Lotteries with 0, 1 or 2 numbers or with 1 power ball number. The PowerPlayer for Pick 3 or 4 works with all daily pick 3 and pick 4 lotteries.

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