People have always thought of ways in order to divide time into a lot of smaller parts and now thanks to technology we are able to do so. But what happened back in the day when they did not have high tech in order to achieve their goals? How were they able to divide the second into smaller parts with no help from an electronic tool at all?


To some this may seem impossible and they may think that all the progress made in the time keeping field was made after the first computer was developed, but they are wrong. Back in the day people took the time in order to make a lot of things by hand and they came up with a lot of solutions that today’s generations might not even begin to grasp.


About two hundred years ago the first chronometer was invented and it was able to split the second into 60 parts. A watch back then was made with a self winding mechanism and this was able to keep it going for a few days. When it came to add the chronometer in the equation, a new mechanical solution had to come into play to make it happen.


A lot of small wheels and an intricate mechanism was the recipe that brought the chronometer to the world and the one who developed it was Louis Moinet. He had a lot of experience when it comes to watches and took the time in order to develop these things so people from all over the world would have a smaller time division than the second.


Due to his vast experience in the field and due to the things he was able to come up with in order to make the world a better place he was appointed President of the Chronometry Society of Paris where he could have a much easier time achieve his goals. The first idea that came to mind was to develop the watch making industry to reach its potential.


Louis Moinet died in 1853 at the age of 85, but his name lived on and there have been a lot of watches under this brand over time. Apart from a way to keep track of time, each piece that comes out bearing his name also has one of the most amazing designs you have ever seen and it is able to offer you a lot of features with every watch you buy.


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A hand made chronometer needs a lot of parts in order to work and the mechanism has to be flawless, but even if some people may not even understand how it works, back in the day this was the only way to get things done. Louis Moinet was one of the first people to come up with a solution for it and now you are able to enjoy his work on every wrist watch.