Pioneers are the people who have a vision or an idea that no one else has and they do their best in order to put it in play. For some it may seem like it is not so important, but when people had to come up with an answer two hundred years ago when you had to rely on your own skill and not technology in order to make it happen, it was a lot harder.


Louis Moinet is one of the pioneers you can find in the watch making industry and he was able to come up with a lot of answers that at the time were not even heard of. Creating clocks for names like Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I in Europe or Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe in the United States required innovative thinking and designs also.


The clock made for Napoleon was the first important order he took and it was one of the first pieces that he had to improve with an intricate mechanism. Apart from the hour and the minutes, this creation was also able to show the king the date they were in and the moon phases they were able to see on the sky when they came out to look.


Louis Moinet was so passionate about his work that he came up with a lot of new designs and mechanisms that he was able to put in the clocks he created. He was the inventor of the chronometer and thus he was able to divide the second in 60 parts and the results was a much more accurate time keeping option, far better than any of its time.


Louis Moinet was a skilled watchmaker that pushed his boundaries as far as he could and created a lot of amazing pieces that are hard to make even today. Even so, he was able to develop a lot of mechanisms in order to make it work and thus he obtained pieces that now are on display in museums all over the world as testament to his skills.


The clock of Napoleon was the first creation of this nature, but the string is a lot longer and it stretches even up to this day. Even if he has been dead for more than 150 years, his brand and his legacy live on and you can enjoy some of the best works you can imagine if you know where you are able to find the right source for these amazing pieces.


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Louis Moinet is one of the pioneers of the watch making industry and he is also one of the inventors that helped this trade beyond words. He was able to satisfy the needs of kings and presidents such as Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson and you can be sure that the creations you will find today will rise up to any demands you have in mind.