, a popular website that offers complete information about the best tanning products has recently revealed the ultimate tanning product. According to the information provided in this site, the top tanning product currently available in the market is the MT2. Tanning peptide is a kind of peptide which increases the melanin production in our body to give a natural and deep tan. Melanin is in fact, the human body’s natural reaction to UV damage, which darkens the skin to some extent to shield it from more damage.

Research has shown that the problem with sun exposure is that achieving a complete body tan necessitates abundance of exposure to possibly hazardous amount of UV rays which can cause skin cancer and various other hazardous health issues.

According to the information provided at, MT2 is formulated to increase the tanning reaction of the body even with minimum exposure to the sun. The site revealed that this product can be great for people with fair skin to easily get tanned without requiring them to spend for weeks in the sun and undergoing the burn and heal process.

A lot of users have reported experiencing quicker tan and quicker healing to damaged skin cells while using this particular product. This would have been not possible otherwise. MT2 is specifically designed for people with pale or very fair skin, who are at greater risk for developing skin cancer.

The site has also provided application dosage of MT2. This product comes packed in a vial in the form of a dried powder. The site suggests users to reconstitute the powder using sterile water and inject it under the skin. This dose will spread all through once it is absorbed into the skin.

The site also recommended users to begin by using a small dosage and continue using regularly until they achieve their desired pigmentation. Once this has been achieved, users can use it once every two weeks in order to maintain the same pigment.  For more information please visit


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