Low carb chocolate disks are every carb counter's dream, but they are not always simple to find in your local supermarket. So, what can you do if you are yearning chocolate but do not want to consume traditional chocolate and have to deal with the guilt later? You make it yourself! There are numerous recipes that you can try that will enable you to meet your yearning and not have to spend that additional time at the gym to work it off.

Chocolate has long been the preferred food of many people who are yearning something to please their sweet tooth. The dangerous thing about chocolate is that this creamy, melt-in-your-mouth treat can easily add extra inches to your waistline if you are not vigilant. Low carb lifestyles many times do not include chocolate, much to the chocolate bar lover's dismay. At least they don't usually include chocolate that tastes great. Many of the low carbohydrated or low calorie chocolates available on the market nowadays lack the taste and consistency of real chocolate. These types of chocolates usually often look waxy and have an artificial aftertaste, if you can even get far enough along to swallow them. That is why many people who decline to be deprived of chocolate are discovering ways to create delicious low carb treats that are not only palatable, but healthy as well.

Just because chocolate is rich and has plenty of energy and carbohydrates does not mean that it cannot be good for you. Dark chocolate is actually good for your body. Unlike white chocolate and milk chocolates, researchers have shown that taking dark chocolate is a great solution to help fight heart problems. It has antioxidants that assist to remove free radicals and lessen blood pressure. Although having this type of chocolate has shown to be beneficial to your health, you still have to eat it moderately. That is why low carb dark chocolate is the perfect option for those who do not want to have to remove chocolate from their diets.

A fantastic solution for the chocolate lover who wants to enjoy their chocolate longer is to use it in recipes. By creating your own chocolate disks, you can enjoy the good taste of your chosen treat longer by adding it to various recipes. Producing your own chocolate disks is not difficult and you can find recipes online that are convenient to prepare. Here are some of the materials that you should have on hand:

? Unsweetened baking chocolate

? Coconut oil

? Vanilla

? Fiberfit Fluid

? Erythritol

? Salts

? Inulin

Not only are low carb chocolate recipes easy, but they also have additional benefits that go beyond just being low carb. Most of these substances are pretty standard, although you may not be informed about erythritol and insulin. Erythritol is a glucose alcohol that is nearly as sweet as cane sugar but has almost no calories and is used to produce products such as Stevia. Inulin is in the class of dietary materials that are soluble and can found naturally in food such as banana, agave, and garlic. It includes properties that can help lessen cholesterol levels in the blood and it also does not raise blood sugar levels.

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