Luv4Baby introduces a hygienic and mom — friendly way of changing one’s babies’ diapers outdoors with its range of Bamboo table pad liners, which eliminate the need to clean and disinfect the changing table pad. These liners are suited for emergency situations, especially when outdoors like at the mall or a restaurant.

16th June 2016 — When there is a little baby in the picture, emergency situations can arise at any given point of time especially when one is carrying them along outdoors. Whether they’re out shopping for baby essentials at a mall or getting a meal at a restaurant, one’s baby may need to get changed a lot more often than anticipated.

At such times, the hassle of cleaning and disinfecting the changing table pad can be cumbersome and exhausting. In order to counter this problem, Luv4Baby has launched a brand new range of table pad liners made from bamboo fiber that makes emergency changing situations a breeze for the mother.

The use of bamboo fiber for the bamboo table pad liners by Luv4Baby ensures that the surface of these liners is silky smooth to the touch. This adds a certain level of comfort for the baby making them feel like they’re engulfed in a soft and cozy blanket.

Luv4Baby did not just want to make these changing table pad liners for a baby’s comfort but also wanted to ensure that their product is eco friendly as well. The use of Bamboo fiber enables them to stay true to their ideologies. Bamboo is one of the most eco friendly natural products, which is also renewable in nature and does not require pesticides and fertilizers for its optimal growth. Besides, the bamboo fiber possesses natural anti bacterial properties and is also hypoallergenic. This also makes sure that any kind of moisture is locked out of the surface and does not seep through making it extremely comfortable for the baby by keeping them feeling dry.

When designing and conceptualizing the bamboo table pad liners, Luv4baby made sure to keep these liners long enough to accommodate all shapes and sizes of table pad length. . These liners are also waterproof and can be washed in a machine. This means that they can be reused over and over again. Besides, because of the bamboo fiber, these pad liners also last for a very long time. With a thickness of 190 g/m2, these bamboo table pad liners are absolutely absorbent.

The Bamboo table pad liners have been created keeping in mind the stress that a mom is under and the hygiene that a baby needs. Therefore, only superior quality materials and design have been employed to create these table pad liners. Luv4Baby also has a hassle free return policy wherein buyers, if for whatever reason, are unsatisfied with their purchase, can ask for a refund within 180 days of purchase and their request will be processed without any questions asked.

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