Undaunted by the low temperatures of winter, high-end accommodation specialists at Worldhotel Ripa Roma assert that Rome offers much to discover and explore to those visiting it, even in the cold winter months. 

Winter has its own special joys 

“Rome still has an ace up its sleeve even during winter,” a company representative said. “Forget about what they say about Rome being less popular in winter. Therein actually lies its magic—who cannot love smaller crowds, lower prices, and a generally more romantic setting? Winter simply offers the discriminating tourist a side of the city that can be more memorable—especially if they stay at some of Rome’s best design hotels.” 

Worldhotel Ripa Roma agrees that, yes, in winter Rome has far fewer tourists—a fact that airlines, hotels and tour agencies do not actually like to advertise. But there, as they say, is the rub: with far less demand, even the most luxurious accommodations at four- or five-star design hotels are easily available, with the guest having the rare privilege of choice. They can choose the views and actually enjoy them without the normally huge crowds. Airline rates are cheaper, too: from November to January, airline tickets to the city can be as little as half their usual price. The huge savings means tourists can splurge on other things: shopping, dining out at some of the best restaurants, and exploring parts of the city a tourist perhaps could not during the high season. 

Visiting Rome in winter, emphasised the Worldhotel Ripa Roma representative, also means the tourist can visit more places with much less hassle. For example, winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit the Vatican Museums—guests do not have to contend with long queues, allowing them to cover more ground and have a great time. In many cases, tourists can have a site to themselves in winter: there is a special access semi-private tour of the Colosseum, for example, that is normally very difficult to book in the summer. 

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