(Free Press Release) Luxury carpets from silk
The history of silk tissues emergence has its roots in ancient China, where the secret of making cloth from the cocoon of silkworm was discovered about 5,000 years ago. A Chinese legend says that during the tea a cocoon of the silkworm dropped into Empress Si Ling Chi's cup. Si Ling Chi pulled a thread, sticking from the cocoon, which ran and ran, and the cocoon was unwinding. So the first silk thread in the world was produced. And the Empress, in gratitude for it, was called a deity of the Celestial Empire, and is honored in China till now.
Silk was the main goods exported from China, which introduced to each other two worlds the East and the West and gave the name to the first in the history of the humanity transcontinental road - the Great Silk Road. For a while in China export of cocoons was considered a crime, followed by a death sentence. But despite this, it was impossible to conceal the and in the 2 century AD silk gets to Central Asia.
Pure silk is extracted from silkworm cocoons. A cocoon turns into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly. Experts on the cultivation of silkworms strive to provide the best food for larvae, because value of yarn depends on food quality. Before the final maturation of larvae cocoons are dried and they die. Then the cocoons are immersed in hot water to clean. Then, the coils of cocoons are unwound into silk fibers that are later twisted together.
For luxury carpets weaving threads, twisted from 7-9 fibers, are used. Output of this phase is very low: there is produced no more than one kilogram of silk thread from seven kilograms of cocoons. It is one of the reasons, explaining high cost of luxury carpets made from natural silk.
Silk luxury carpets in many ways are opposite to woolen ones. They are elegant, thin and light, have a specific glossy shine. Silk yarn with its extraordinary subtlety is very strong, that allows to achieve the highest density of weaving up 10 million knots per square meter (10-fold more than in the finest wool luxury carpets). Due to it exceptionally detailed workover of an ornament and durability. It must be said that the cost of silk luxury carpets is much higher, sometimes in the same ten times.
Luxury carpets from cotton
Cotton holds its shape well and does not stretch, and thus became a part of the material basis of luxury carpets. Besides, it is cheaper than wool and silk. Sometimes cotton is used as a pile of luxury carpets.